Boek In The Eye Of The Storm

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In The Eye Of The Storm

Boek In The Eye Of The Storm

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  • Boek In The Eye Of The Storm
  • Boek In The Eye Of The Storm


Elvis: In The Eye Of The Storm

For those of you that dig Elvis' best years, there's a great new booklet & CD titled Elvis: In The Eye Of The Storm'. It focuses on the years 1953 - 1956, and it contains dozens of newspaper & magazine clippings from those years, the majority of which has never been reproduced since their original publication. This includes reviews, articles, magazine covers and advertisements ('A Red Hot Star is born on RCA Victor Records!'). Contains lots of great photos - could easily be listed in our photo book section.

The booklet also contains revealing interviews with Elvis' musicians Scotty Moore and D.J. Fontana, memories of fans who saw Elvis on stage in 1954 - '55, and rare EP covers from Europe. The icing on the cake are many rare Elvis Presley photos, both color and b&w. Some of the highlights are a section on Audubon Drive (which contains many unpublished private pics), and a couple of color pics from the Elvis & Ed Sullivan press-conference.

The enclosed CD contains several rare interviews from 1955 and '56, including, for the first time, the complete unedited 'TV Guide' interview from August 1956 - 28+ minutes!! This complete interview is fascinating to listen to, and it's quite clear that Elvis is getting increasingly annoyed with the questions!

Also included are 10 Elvis mystery tracks from the Sun years, including 'Little Mama', 'Satisfied', 'We're Getting Closer To Being Apart', 'Uncle Pen' and 'Icecold Love'. These tracks were recorded by Number Nine from London, who are regarded by many as the best 'early Elvis' sounding band. This great band has toured with Scotty Moore and D.J. Fontana on several occasions. All tracks were recorded on original Valve equipment from the fifties, and the band spent a great deal of effort trying to figure out how Elvis would have performed these titles. The result is a very authentic 'Elvis 1955' sound - this is really as close as it gets!

Both the booklet and the CD have been designed by Geert Hof, who is known by many fans because of his terrific designs and his Solid Gold Elvis website. 'Elvis: In The Eye Of The Storm' takes you back to those exciting early years when Elvis was still called the 'Hillbilly Cat', and it really exudes the fun and excitement of those days. A great addition to your collection.

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