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DVD Behind The Image Volume 2

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Behind The Image Volume 2

DVD Behind The Image Volume 2

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  • DVD Behind The Image Volume 2
  • DVD Behind The Image Volume 2
  • DVD Behind The Image Volume 2
  • DVD Behind The Image Volume 2
  • DVD Behind The Image Volume 2
  • DVD Behind The Image Volume 2


ELVIS, Behind THe Image Volume 2.

The Wait is over! Volume 2 of 'Behind The Image' has been released.

Volume 1 offered us interviews with John Wilkenson, Kathy Westmoreland and Sandi Miller. As a bonus we got a lot of 8mm-video-material, which was not only stunning in quality but the content was truly amazing, as we saw Elvis for the first time in his legendary 'fringe suit', that he wore on November 14th 1970 in LA. We also saw the 'I Got Lucky' suit for the first time, which was another sensation.

With Behind The Image Vol. 2 we get around 90 minutes of documentary / interview material – accompanied by inserts of memorabilia, pictures and live-footage and around 45 minutes of unseen concert-footage.

Behind The Image Volume 2 starts with an unusual and more than impressive introduction with an animated Elvis, dancing and doing some karate moves to a digderidoo (one of the oldest instruments on earth). The shots we see are taken from the bonus 8mm material and are unseen to these eyes.

Those interviewed include - Cynthia Pepper, who played the character of 'Midge Riley' in 'Kissin' Cousins', Ed Hill of the Stamps Quartet who talks about Elvis as a dear friend who never forgot where he came from. (This part is packed with footage including the CBS announcement of Elvis' passing and an emotional explanation of  JD Sumner saying that (in his opinion), 'there was no greater man next to Jesus than Elvis' and Ed Enoch, which is the longest of the three interviews lasting 45 minutes. Like Ed Hill, Ed Enoch talks about how it was to work with Elvis on stage. Enoch explains, that he came – just like Ed Hill – from the gospel scene, before he met Elvis for the first time in fall 1970 and talks about the mood at the rehearsals with Elvis and more about the work on stage.

Behind The Image Volume 2 is an absolutely first-class product! with 160 minutes of entertaining interviews, background information and unbelievable concert-footage for a more than reasonable price, when you compare it to prices for similar products.

This DVD is highly recommended!!

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