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FTD Promised Land

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Promised Land

FTD Promised Land

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  • FTD Promised Land


Promised Land : FTD 2 CD Special Edition

Disc 1

The Original Album

1.Promised Land
2.There's A Honky Tonk Angel (Who Will Take Me Back In)
3.Help Me
4.Mr. Songman
5.Love Song Of The Year
6.It's Midnight
7.Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming
8.If You Talk In Your Sleep
9.Thinking About You
10.You Asked Me To

Session Highlights : The Alternate Album

11.Promised Land : take 4
12.There's A Honky Tonk Angel : takes 3,2,7
13.Help Me - take 1 (undubbed master)
14.Mr. Songman : take 2
15.Love Song Of The Year : take 1
16.It's Midnight : take 9
17.Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming - take 10
18.If You Talk In Your Sleep - take 5
19.Thinking About You : take 4
20.You Asked Me To : ?

More Session Highlights

21.Promised Land : take 5
22.Love Song Of The Year : take 7
23.It's Midnight : take 11
24.Thinking About You : takes 5,6
25.You Asked Me To : ?
Disc 2

The Sessions : The Making Of

1.It's Midnight : takes 1-4, 8,7
2.You Asked Me To : ?
3.Mr. Songman : take 1
4.Thinking About You : rehearsal
5.Thinking About You : take 3
6.Promised Land : take 3,2
7.Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming : takes 2,3
8.Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming : take 4
9.There's A Honky Tonk Angel : take 1
10.Love Song Of The Year : rehearsal
11.Love Song Of The Year : take 2
12.It's Midnight : take 10
13.If You Talk In Your Sleep : takes 6,7, 8
14.Mr. Songman : takes 3,6
15.Love Song Of The Year : takes x,y, 8 (undubbed master)
16.You Asked Me To : take 3B (4 ??)
17.There's A Honky Tonk Angel : takes ?
18.It's Midnight : takes 15,16
19.Promised Land : take 6 : undubbed master
20.Thinking About You : ?
21.Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming : take 8
22.Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming : take 9

The heartbreaking ballad – It's Midnight - take 7 is gorgeous, but it has to be said all the takes offer something a little different, whether it's Elvis joking with his musicians (takes 1-4, 8), and the beautiful reading of the Billy Ed Wheeler's / Jerry Chesnut lyrics - Elvis sings: 'Where is all my self control, I'm burning way down in my soul, and needing you,' it's stunning, and beautifully written, it's one of the most overlooked ballads of his entire career; the delicate, emotive phrasing after the chorus: 'lord, I miss you' is heartfelt and poignant, with Elvis pouring his heart out in a masterly performance.

The album is a compelling listen with something for everyone. The funky If You Talk In Your Sleep take 5, with James Burton's bluesy, infectious guitar riff, is just delicious! But there's more on CD-2 with take 6 and 9 adding to the funky mix. Furthermore the sound is clear, defined, and detailed with every instrument in harmony. The sound is simply stunning! Hats off to Mr. Anesini especially after the reported sound difficulties.

More standouts: Love Song Of The Year (rehearsal) is great fun, Elvis is having a great time on this one, and it's sure to make you smile ... likewise Thinking About You rehearsal + take 2, & take 3, has it's moments too. On the 'The Making of' (CD-2), Elvis is letting loose and having fun in the moment and it's a sheer joy to hear.

The new Vic Anesini mixes reveal more detail and add a wonderful freshness to the recordings, all the songs benefit in a new light and one example is Love Song of The Year which, love it or loathe it sounds good here. Wonderful lyrics, Elvis sings: 'That I let love slip through my fingers like a golden breath of air. If I cared I wouldn't be singing this love song of the year'. The 'golden breath' of air lyric is startling in its imagery – that's the magic of a great singer interpreting the simple but effecting lyric. Additionally, There's A Honky Tonk Angel's theme of neglected love and the dimming of the home-fires has never sounded as good on take-1.

The Promised Land album is indeed a classic but by including the alternate album and 'the making of' – it's now widescreen ... To sum up, Elvis took us on a trip to the promised land that's one hell of a ride – Kudos to the FTD team for releasing the ultimate edition of a classic album.


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