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1) AN AMERICAN TRILOGY (April 9, 1972, Hampton Roads, Va.) (from CPL2 4031 THIS IS ELVIS vinyl LP!!) .This did come out on CD before but.......the version from the ESSENTIAL COLLECTION (from all countries), and ALL TIME GREATEST HITS are taken from far inferior quality masters and the sound quality is full of hiss!

2) If I CAN DREAM (June 23, 1968 Burbank, Ca) - ALTERNATE TAKE 4 from AFL1 2772 HE WALKS BESIDE ME vinyl LP!!
This was released many years ago on CD from Canada and Australia but the quality on this is far superior to those.

3) AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL (Dec. 13, 1975 Las Vegas) - REMASTERED VERSION! This version is far improved from what BMG has issued and even what has appeared anywhere else officially or unofficially. Elvis' voice can be heard MUCH CLEARER than ever before!!

Promo CD Patriot

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Patriot (with complete different inlay then de cd single For Promotional Use Only This special three track CD was issued years ago and has been long deleted! The quality of the songs on this CD is far superior than versions issued before. All tracks have been digitally processed and remastered, as they have never been before, with the most up to date of equipment and proces. Issued right after 9/11

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